Common Kitchen Mistakes

# 1 Not trying the dishes

One of the common flaws with home cooks is not to use their own dishes. That way you make the mistake of not knowing if the food you serve will taste good or not. A simple but repeated error, which is solved by testing the recipe in different parts of its elaboration, to know its optimum point of cooking. In this way, the final result will be more satisfactory.

# 2 Not reading the complete recipe

Cravings can cause problems if there is no prior planning. Before starting to prepare the recipe, read it completely so you do not skip any steps and do not make mistakes . It is necessary to get accustomed to look carefully at all the premises of the dish to be made so that there are no surprises during the process. Otherwise, unforeseen events will occur.

# 3 Not measuring the ingredients

In any recipe that has a logical structure, there must be a certain amount of each ingredient being used. It is what gives the flavor and the particularity of the dish. Otherwise it would be impossible to follow a pattern. Therefore, you should avoid altering the quantities. If the recipe puts a certain amount of an ingredient, it must be met. Otherwise, the taste the final result may be altered.

# 4 Cold pan

Before frying or frying any ingredient in the frying pan, wait until the frying pan is hot. If not, what you will have is a food soaked in cold olive oil. A good way to know if the oil is hot is to put a minimum amount of the food to be fried. If it bubbles around, it’s time to take the rest. You can also use a thermometer.

# 5 Not cleaning up right away

If you cook regularly then you know the importance of cleaning up. One thing that can help is to have a high pressure kitchen faucet like the ones here  This will help to blast all the food waste off your dishes and save you time.